Skipping Class: Don’t Get Caught with Your Pants Down (Especially if You’re Hiding Out in the Bathroom)

Skipping Class: Don't Get Caught with Your Pants Down (Especially if You're Hiding Out in the Bathroom)

Kelsey Foster

Kelsey Foster, Humor Editor

The epidemic of senioritis has long infected the entire student body, its symptoms including a lack of motivation and enthusiasm for school, and promoting delinquencies to not attend classes. Some students detest  all class work and traditional instruction, but skipping class all together has stood the test of time in becoming a vast majority’s favorite past time.

Evidently, kids may be forced onto overcrowded buses to go to school, to their disappointment, but nothing is keeping them from a lunch date with a bathroom stall.

Out of six students interviewed, four, ranging in grade levels, openly admitted to skipping classes.

That’s two thirds of the group having faced the struggle of finding signals on their cell phones for 50 minutes in the bathrooms or hiding out in oblivious teacher’s classrooms.

“I can’t even remember how many times I’ve skipped,” a female junior joked, “I won’t do it again, though, I’m afraid of getting caught.”

Indeed, everyone who admitted to skipping held a mutual regret of the act.  “I skipped two or three times my sophomore year, I definitely regret it,” a male junior reminisces, “I missed a lot of work.”

Setting all logic aside, some students actually put more effort into cultivating a convincing excuse for missing class than the effort it takes to show up to class in the first place.

“It’s wise to email your teachers ahead of time, this makes it look legitimate,” a female senior said, “I even once doctor’s notes ahead of time.”

Apparently, not even the threat of a poor grade in a class can end the love affair student’s have with skipping. Then again, who doesn’t dream about the intoxicating stench of Taco Tuesdays on a Wednesday?


There’s a perpetual Catch-22 that arises with skipping class as well, most students claiming the reason why they skip class in the first place was for not completing make up work.

“The make up work sucks from skipping class; make up work is the reason why I skip class half the time,” the same female senior adds.

Why students would rather go home to pretend to work on a missed Algebra II assignment when they could be taking a nap or preparing food is absolutely mind boggling. One would think the ecstasy of a sleep and macaroni and cheese would outweigh the angst against late AP Psychology projects; this has been proven wrong.

Frequent skippers have even been blacklisted by their teachers.

An English teacher admitted, “I’m beginning to hate that [student], why should I like her when she’s never even here?”

Ally Kraska, a senior, wisely stated, “teachers will yell at you even if you don’t skip class.” She certainly has kept a positive outlook on the situation.

Ultimately, the decision to skip or not skip class lays in the minds and morals of the student body, but people could certainly take Kraska’s advice: get the work done so teachers have less to yell at you for.