AICE In The Whole School (So Punny It Hurts)

AICE In The Whole School (So Punny It Hurts)

Lauren Alsina

AICE Classes Studying

Danny Smith, Humor Columnist

Wellington High school is becoming more and more European by the second.

However, what’s immigrating into MURRIKA are not waves of Europeans, but their standardized curriculum: AICE classes.

AICE, which stands for Advanced International Certificate of Education, is a globally recognized organization that has been implemented in multiple continents around the world, one of the most recent being the US of A.

The AICE Coordinator at our school, Ms. Susan Cooperman gave me a personal interview about the logistics and statistics and ballistics of the AICE curriculum. (Well, I actually just have her 6th hour and refuse leave the class till she let me quote her.)

Cooperman indicated that what she likes about the AICE program is that it’s very reasonable. It has students in mind and splits tests up into two shorter segments. Also, since the program has been so specifically laid out, teachers know exactly how to teach a segment that lines up with the exam easily.

To the uninitiated, this long list of words that precedes and follows this paragraph may seem to be toiled over for naught, but AICE classes, in many cases, can be more accommodating than AP classes to a broad range of kids.

From “try-hards” to “ne’er doe’lls,” AICE classes offer interesting curriculums that could be legitimately interesting, seeing as there are going to be 25 different classes next year and a myriad of electives.

With a huge influx of classes, some kids may worry what will happen to AP classes. Well, for one thing, I have to keep reiterating that doomsday isn’t beginning every time the school uniform changes or something.

But more importantly, and better for the worry warts and skeptics, AICE classes are having minimal effects on scheduling. Ms. Cooperman has assured me that there are enough teachers to teach each class, enough class periods to be able to integrate AICE into the school well, and that AP classes aren’t being replaced or deleted to make room.

“Why take AICE classes instead of AP?” you might ask. Well, you don’t have to take them INSTEAD of AP. That’d be kind of counter-productive. However, Wellington High school, along with a growing amount of other high schools in the nation, offers an AICE diploma upon completion of 6 AICE courses.

The AICE diploma offers massive benefits. Upon receiving a diploma, one is automatically eligible for the highest level of Bright Futures, as well as being exempt from both the required FLVS course that will soon be forced upon the students of Palm Beach County. Even better (for the laziest children (such as myself)) is that an AICE diploma scheduling negates the requirement for a PE credit. No HOPE, I have hope.

AICE is a great opportunity to the school systems of the United States for students. They aren’t in too much conflict (if any at all, with a good schedule since 6 classes to get a diploma is only 2 AICE classes for a few years) with AP and they offer identical 1.5x HPA credit and college course recognition.

While my proclivities at this point in the piece are to exclaim generic terms that seem to be almost anachronistic in my partially archaic and verbose writing style, I declare out of recognition of my own propensities to type SWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAG in affirmation that I hope AICE classes are here to stay.