Vinyls Have Come Back Around (And Around And Around)


Danny Smith

Humor Columnist and Dr. Who Vintage Vinyl (both in mint condition)

Danny Smith, Humor Columnist

Vinyls have been making a comeback, it seems. Hipsters clamoring to be “original” along with the rest of the growing herd of consumers are being ironically grouped together as a large group, which is doubly ironic seeing as being a hipster makes you mainstream.

Even in the digital age where converting a FLAC or MP3 file takes a second to get the general sound of whatever wub-step/house-hiphop-remix-remix you’re listening to onto your iPod in less than 30 seconds, music is beginning to slow down again (for the better.)

What really sets Vinyl apart from a file floating in cyberspace (or even just a cd) is the quality that had to take place to be manufactured. Vinyls had gotten popular originally on the grounds that they’ve sounded rich, full, and warm.

Something about laserdisc scanning or the conversion process from the Hz range (oh boy, more jargon!) doesn’t fully have the heart and soul that a vinyl disk produces.

Whether they’re arguably easier on the ears, Vinyl collectors will defend to the death that Vinyls are easier on the eyes. The original craftsmanship and artwork that went into make album covers so special was on the grounds that Vinyl cases were larger.

Instead of a copy-pasted .jpg or .png onto a plastic container of a plastic disk, the case of a Vinyl disk is a canvas to which a band could commission or (in the Gorrilaz’s case (Gorillaz’? Gorillas’z?) create on the own a true definition of what they wanted people to think when they associated images with their music at the time.

Vinyls have gained popularity over the last 6 years, increasing from 1 million annual sales to 4.7 ( and show a beautiful curvature toward the exponential growth of the appreciation of music. Vinyls give back to the musical artist and can’t be torrented or put on a fileshare.

Plus, the word Vinyl is cool. Seriously, look how many times I used it in this article.