Viral Video Craze: Cucumbers vs. Cats is Unethical

Viral Video Craze: Cucumbers vs. Cats is Unethical

Marilene Rivas, Staff Writer

People on social media make videos, which as ridiculous as they may be, become popular in a matter of days. They become viral trends on the Internet and attach themselves to the lives of teenagers, affecting their behavior.

The original version of this video shows a cat with its back to the camera, minding its own business and eating its food. There is a cucumber placed behind the cat without the its knowledge. Once the cat finished its meal it turned around, and startled by the unknown invader, it leaped in the air out of fright.

Michael DaSilva, an eleventh grader said, “It’s amazing how many things go viral online.”

Many videos have been made in response, and multiple owners have replicated this scenario in attempts to get similar reactions from their own cats. It does indeed work; every single cat has been haunted by the image of this green, tubular vegetable.

The question of why cats seem to be so afraid of cucumbers perplexes many viewers. A video that has gained this much attention will not be left with questions unanswered, and that holds true in this case. The distress caused to these pets is not caused by the cucumber itself, but because of the fact that the cucumber is an unfamiliar object.

Jill Goldman, a certified animal behaviorist in Southern California, has explained how cucumbers, being unnatural and unexpected in the safe comfort of their own homes, triggers cat’s natural startle response. It causes them great anxiety and could be responsible for injury of the cat or owner, indoor damage, or constant stress.

Brian Clark Howard, a writer for National Geographic, said, “Instead, it’s best to introduce any novel items gradually. […] It’s also true that each animal will respond to situations uniquely, as do human beings. Some cats, like some people, are more easily startled than others.”

This particular trend, shocking cats with cucumbers, may have a more malicious result for feline companions than what might have been originally intended. Owners should choose to make wiser choices for themselves and their pets to prevent harm from coming to anything.