Students React: Should You Choose Trump?


Danielle Boyd, Staff Writer

Many have said Donald Trump is exactly what this country needs, that he’s going to, “bring back America,” but others believe Trump is a joke.

“I think Donald Trump is who I’m going to be for Halloween this year” Jordana Schube, freshman, said.

The main  reason people dislike him is because he makes comments without paying attention to what he is actually saying.

“He is rude and that is why people make fun of him; you can’t take him seriously” Felicity Sabatino, freshman, said.

Trump’s tweets are out of control.

In August he tweeted, “My grandparents didn’t come to America all the way from Germany just to see it taken over by immigrants. Not on my watch.”

This statement left many people wondering, “Did he even comprehend what he was saying?”

Trump has let things fly out of his mouth many times.

For instance, he blasted Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly for asking him “unfair questions” and then attacked republican nominee Carly Fiorina for defending Kelly, calling her a “lightweight” and making rude comments about her face.

He’s treating the presidential election like it is a roast session, attacking anyone that gets in his line of fire. He doesn’t realize that he has lost many votes because of the comments he’s made about Immigrants, women, African Americans and Hispanics.

In addition, Trump insists on deporting immigrants in the United States. His plan is to build a wall between Mexico and the United States, dividing the two countries. He expects Mexico to pay for it.

“Mexico is definitely not going to pay for a wall that it didn’t even ask for, so it is going to end up costing our country millions of dollars, which we don’t have,” Nandi Jean-Francois, freshman, said.

He also wants to take away all birth rights, which means that if anyone born in the United States to parents that weren’t American citizens at the time will be considered illegal immigrants and sent back to their home country where they will have to start the process of naturalization if they want to become a U.S. citizen. This is going to cut the U.S. population way down, leaving many jobs unfilled which is going to bring the country to ruin.

Some students now have the power to disregard or stand with Trump. Everyone should educate his or herself on Trump and his policies and decide for themselves whether or not they want him leading this country.