Super Bowl Preview

Super Bowl Preview

Tyler Alexander, Assistant Editor

Living in South Florida, a person would be hard pressed to find a Super Bowl matchup more loathed by the locals than the one this year. Perhaps it’s the undying rivalry between the Dolphins and Patriots. Perhaps it’s the “arrogance” that Seahawks fans everywhere show after one year of success. Perhaps it’s the most hated head coach in the NFL, “Bill Belicheat”. Perhaps it’s just Mr. Uggs himself, Tom Brady. Or maybe it’s that and then some.

As phenomenal as this game should be, why is America simply dreading watching Super Bowl 49? So, let’s look at the reasons why this game will be great:

Tom Brady is the first Quarterback in history to start 6 Super Bowls. Why is this important? A 4th Championship title will possibly cement Brady as the greatest Quarterback ever, and he would join the likes of only Montana and Bradshaw on the list of QB’s to win 4 Super Bowls.

This is the first time that a quarterback has started 2 consecutive Super Bowls since Brady did it, and no team has repeated since the Patriots did in 03-04. This Super Bowl can either cement the Patriots and Tom Brady as one the greatest and most consistent team since 2000, or it will be the passing of the torch from Brady and the Pats, to Wilson and the Seahawks. A dynasty will either continue, or will be created with this game.
Two classy franchises. Vince Wilfork saved a woman from under a Jeep after the Championship game. Russell Wilson went to a childrens hospital. As much as people hate to admit it, these two franchises are two of the classiest, and best run franchises in all of sports, with great, and respectable players on either side. Both teams deserve to win.

Robert Kraft has only hired two head coaches since taking over the team in 1994, Bill Belichick, and Pete Carroll, the current Seahawks coach. It can’t get too much more successful than that. In 21 years, there have only been two head coaches hired. One has already won a Super Bowl, and the other is considered possibly the best Head Coach of all time. One coach is strict, allowing no tolerance (Belichick), while the other sets up water slides with his players (Carroll). Which philosophy works better? Perhaps this game will decide.

Deflategate. There’s honestly no reason to even get into this. There are so many different opinions on this subject, (Good Morning America even did a 5 minute story on it) that nothing will change an opinion of somebody who is set in stone. All somebody can do is go onto, read all of the updates, and make an educated, and informed decision on the situation. This however is the one thing that nobody seems to be doing.
So with all of these great story lines surrounding the biggest game of the year, why are fans dreading it? Maybe it’s because these are two of the most hated teams in the NFL right now? But, why? Everybody hates success for other teams, and these two teams have had it in abundance recently. And perhaps its because of the seemingly bandwagon fans that are EVERYWHERE you go, and the obnoxious Internet forum fans. The Seahawks fans on forums are without a doubt the loudest, and most obnoxiously arrogant, and the most uninformed fans in the NFL. This is followed closely by the Patriots fans. Now, I have met many fans of both teams that are some of the most knowledgeable and respectful people I’ve ever come across. But for the majority. Wow. So, it’s not hard to understand that people simply hate the teams because of their fans. However, as mentioned above, people need to just be mature, and understand that every fan base has their bad apples. People need to read the FACTS about deflategate before making an opinion, and not base an opinion of a team solely from the fans that they encounter. Taking the fans and physics of a football out of the equation, this is undoubtedly going to be a fantastic game.