Things You Need To Do Before The World Stops Spinning


Angelica Capote, Staff Writer

• Get a plant for your house and watch it grow.
There is something very rewarding about owning and nurturing a plant. Maybe it’s the wonder of watching it grow, or that it provides clean air and color to your house. Either way, it great to watch over something that doesn’t poop or requires money for college.
• Go to Disney’s Epcot.
Okay, I know what some of you are thinking that Epcot doesn’t have many thrill rides like some other theme parks do so it can’t possibly be that fun. But Epcot satisfies that craving to travel and explore the world, and for a lot cheaper than the real thing. Plus it has fun shows and you can meet characters like Mulan and Snow White!
• Volunteer doing something you love.
If you’re into books, try to work at a bookstore that provides books for the less fortunate. If you enjoy animals, a ton of animal shelters are always looking for help. The point of volunteering your time rather than having a paying job is that you will be more focused on doing the thing you love rather then thinking about how much you are getting paid for your work, which can really change the experience for some.
• Eat whatever you want, when you want.
Look, I know the fad is to eat healthy because it’s good for your body, and that’s great! But if you walk by the bakery and those pies smell great, the earth will not crack open and swallow you whole for treating yourself. Lightening will not strike you where you stand in that little bakery; flash floods will not turn the world into a humongous swimming pool. You will be fine, and that pie will be so worth it.
• Go to an art museum and find at least one piece of art that you like, I bet it won’t be hard.
Art really is everywhere and culturing yourself by looking at art from all over the world is really rewording and tons of fun. From looking at how art styles differed from African, to Greek to Chinese to European, I am certain you will leave having fallen in love with at least one piece of art.
• Spend time doing things you use to love as a kid.
Dive into the feeling of nostalgia. Play with Play Doh or watch that movie you loved as a kid. Go run around in a park or play that old game you and your friends made up together in elementary school. Listen to songs you grew up with, go through old photo albums, and watch home videos. Whatever it is, life is too short to grow up so fast, and you have to hold onto the things that still keep you young.