WHS Takes Canine Initiative


Valentina Franco, News Editor

The Palm Beach County’s K-12 school district is taking the initiative to incorporate the K-9 student demographic.

After many hours of tedious paperwork and in meetings, it was confirmed by the County’s spokesperson that a new building will be added to the Wellington High School campus. The students in this building will be part of a whole different curriculum and will be part of a very select and exclusive class. The Canine Learning and Training facility will offer top-dog training programs for pets from a tiny Chihuahua to a giant Great Dane.

The Canine Learning and Training facility was created by Professor Bernard during his duty in the school parking lot.

“I never realised so many parents brought their pet with them to drop off their kids, so I thought why not let them drop both of them off?”
The idea was a hit from the beginning at the School Board. They believe the program will help the community, students, and pets alike by building new skills and incorporating it into the already very successful vet program already in place at Wellington High School. A month after Mr. Bernard pitched the idea to the School Board, blueprints were being laid down for the new building.

Students and staff alike are very excited about the unique idea.

“Testing would certainly be a ‘howling’ good time,” said Ryan Creech, senior.

The staff of Wellington High School are stressing that every single student, human and canine, will be treated equally and be given access to all the same facilities, like the Media Center and Bus transportation, but they will also receive equal disciplinary action, if needed.

Some Wellington High School alumni are upset this idea took so long to be a part of the Wellington High School experience.

Kelsey Foster, WHS 2014 graduate, whose family qualifies to be a part of the new program said, “At the news of the construction of dog classrooms, I was more than disappointed that I couldn’t share the joys of bus riding with my 8 year old Beagle-Dachshund mix, Emily, and inevitably trading lunches with her before class.”

While some past students reminisce about the bonds they could have established between them and their pet through this program, others wished they could have had the knowledge current WHS students will gain with this program.

“I think that it will be a great class, not just for dogs to be trained, but also for teenagers to learn a whole new type of lesson. It is nothing like what you would normally take at school. I would have loved to able to take the class, it would’ve been a great experience, and it would’ve helped with my two dogs at home.” Brandon Laver, WHS 2012 graduate, said.

The Canine Learning and Training facility is due to open after this year’s winter break, so on January 6th, 2015, students and staff will all come together for a big celebration for the new incoming canine pals, followed by a pet rally. Overall, the whole community is thankful to Wellington High School for offering their dog training services to Wellington and for making an attempt to help reduce crowding at the dog park one dog at a time.