Where’d My Pockets Go?

Mya Mandell, Staff Writer

Not every girl likes to wear frilly dresses or skirts all the time; they might decide to be stylish in pants instead. Skinny jeans, regular jeans, shorts all of these seem to have one thing in common: pathetic pockets.
The pockets on girls pants are small, insignificant and most definitely inconvenient. Some jeans have been known to have fake pockets that can’t even be opened. It’s said that these pockets are made small in order to fit a women’s proportions better and to be more fashionable, as women have “smaller hands than boys and don’t need room”. It remains unknown to what’s so stylish about practically nonexistent pockets that barely have enough room to fit two fingers.
A girl’s cell phone, keys, money, or anything placed in the pockets all just ends up spilling out anyway. It also seems that the tighter the pants, the smaller the pocket gets.
The fact that men’s pockets can fit a wallet, keys, a small dog, and their house makes no sense. Why aren’t girl’s pockets as large and convenient for hold things in? We all know girls love to carry around their annoying dogs; wouldn’t it be nicer if we could carry them in our pockets instead of a large handbag?
Is it because businesses just want girls to purchase more purses to hold our much needed “accessories”? If pockets were bigger and could fit more, maybe girls wouldn’t have to worry so much about what brand of handbag we carry around. “I do wish my pockets were just a tad bigger so I could hold my phone at least instead of having to worry about it falling out or carrying an annoying purse everywhere with me,” Olivia Burns, senior, said.

Fashion is literally forcing women to carry around a bag, unless they want to hold a million things in their hands.
Cargo pants are an option to having larger pockets but they don’t fit every woman’s tastes and body shapes. They allow for more room and hold more belongings, but can’t always be worn in the most stylish way. Girl pockets pants should become a little larger so they can at least fit their phones instead of having to carry a purse while shopping, or simply going out to lunch. We don’t always need to carry our entire house in our purse, so those days when were just leaving the house quickly, it would be nice if the car keys could easily fit into our pockets.