Thanksgiving May No Longer be a Holiday

Johnathan Thompson, Staff Writer

Let’s face it, Thanksgiving may be a “thing of the past” in the time to come.
Many people don’t seem to care as much about spending time with their families as they used to. Instead, they would rather wait in line for hours to get the hottest gifts for Christmas or Chanukah It looks like Thanksgiving is more about Black Friday.
People who are joining the recent shopping trend might ask themselves, “Are we going to be the first ones in line?” “Are we going to be able to find good deals?” or “Are we going to find the right gifts for the holidays?” Over the past couple months, stores have been offering layaway deals for the holidays. Seeing these advertisements likely made people start to prepare for Black Friday.
Businesses are luring in shoppers for the holidays. The popular department store that is known in every household, Macy’s, is ending a 155-year tradition of being closed on Thanksgiving due to Black Friday. K-Mart made headlines when they announced their plans for opening on Thanksgiving as well. Plus, stores were allowing customers to set up layaway plans early in the year.
It just doesn’t seem right that people are giving up their time with their families to go shopping for various items that they don’t need or are out of stock. Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for what people have, but now, it’s a time to spend money.
Instead of spending Thanksgiving night waiting to go shopping, a possible solution is to just wait until the next day. People should give their patronage to different stores that are keeping the tradition of staying closed on Thanksgiving Day and keeping employees home with their families. There are many stores that are doing that. The high-end retailer, Nordstrom, is closed, as well as the big-bulk seller, Costco. But there is no need to worry. They will be opened the next day on Black Friday.
With a big push for Black Friday to move to Thursday, it may soon be time to say goodbye to Thanksgiving.