Should We Offer Off Campus Lunch?

Should We Offer Off Campus Lunch?

Chloe Deneke, Press Release Editor

Students at Wellington High School are currently not allowed to go off campus for lunch.

Mario Crocetti, Principal, gave a few reasons why off-campus lunch is not allowed. He explained that it is a safety issue, time issue, and a man-power issue.

Although these issues are indeed reasonable reasons why off-campus lunch isn’t allowed, there could be some solutions to these problems.

Obviously, safety is an issue, but allowing students to drive to school is just as dangerous as allowing students to go off campus for lunch. “Time would be a big issue. Students would be rushing to get back to school on time because the lunch isn’t very long.” A solution to this problem would be extending the amount of time students have during lunch. This would solve the time issue and it would also diminish the safety issue.

Crocetti said in a press conference with the WHS Newspaper one week ago that man-power would be an issue. “The faculty would have to check every single car and make sure that their parents allowed them to leave campus during lunch.” To solve this problem, at the beginning of the year, teachers could pass out off-campus lunch forms that students would fill out and get a parent signature. Once the students returned their form, they would receive an off campus lunch pass that they would have to show as they leave campus.

If students were allowed to go off campus, the faculty wouldn’t have as much responsibility during the lunch hours. The teachers would be able to grade papers, prepare lessons, eat their own lunch, etc.

In addition, if students were allowed to go off campus, the school wouldn’t be as crowded during lunch. There would be more seats available for students that didn’t go off campus. In Palm Beach County, Dreyfoos High School allows off-campus lunch. Wellington High School should allow off-campus lunch as well.

Allowing off-campus lunch would open up opportunities to people that don’t want to eat lunch from the cafeteria to eat lunch from somewhere else. A lot of students would like the idea of going off campus during lunch.

There would be a greater variety of places to eat. There are so many restaurants close to our school that students could go to: Tijuana Flats, McDonalds, Subway, Jamba Juice, Five Guys, Panera Bread, Olive Garden, or Pizza Hut, to name a few.

If off-campus lunch was allowed, the school wouldn’t have to hire so many cafeteria workers because they wouldn’t have to prepare as much food. This would also save the school a lot of money.

In allowing students to go off campus, only juniors and seniors should be allowed to leave school for lunch because most juniors and seniors drive to school, allowing this privilege would be easy for them to do.

Also, the upperclassmen could carpool with others so that not as many people would be on the road; and that way, students that don’t have a car would be able to go off, as well.

Shirlee Lichtman, a student at Stanford University, wrote on improving academic performance in high schools. She found that “students that had the privilege of going off campus for lunch had better grades.” She explains further, “The students had better grades because they knew that they had to have a certain GPA to be able to participate in the privileges that the school was allowing them to have.”

Allowing WHS students to go off campus would be a benefit for both the students and teachers. Their grades would be better and the teachers would get a little bit of a break.

If students could go off campus for the 35 minutes of lunch, they would come back to school with a fresh start. They would be more awake and attentive for their last two classes. Off campus lunch would be great to have at Wellington High School.