How to Cram for an AP Exam

How to Cram for an AP Exam

Lauren Alsina

Sabrina Abesamis, Opinion Editor

Worried about AP exams? Well, fret no more. Here are some surefire ways to cram for the dreaded end of the year tests.

Step 1. Focus. So you’ve been slacking all year and haven’t read the book? No biggie. Start by actually focusing on the subject. The reason you need to cram now is probably because you’ve been distracting yourself all year with futile pursuits for a social life. Turn off all technological devices (after you finish reading this article, of course) and get down to business.

Step 2. Move. Houses are typically filled with noisy distractions that aren’t very conducive to efficient studying. Instead, move to someplace where people are actually meant to study: the library. This gives you a quiet place to simultaneously cram and test your claustrophobia while stuck in a tiny, uncomfortable study room. Anywhere quiet will do.

Step 3. Read. Not the textbook. It’s too late and that ship has sailed. Buy some review books instead and read the quick review sections. If you’re cheap, borrow some from the library or Mrs. Clawson. The Internet is also a limitless source of helpful outlines made by teen procrastinators just like you. Since science has still failed to allow automatic transfer of information straight to people’s heads, you MUST read, not skim, browse or scan.

Step 4. Highlight. Ok, so this step may be pretty useless unless highlighting actually helps you. No, highlighting everything does not count. And neither does not reading what you’re highlighting.

Step 5. Sleep. Sure, you may be tempted to pull an all-nighter and cram like crazy the day before an exam. But generally most material is forgotten, turning you into a stupid zombie and worse off than if you got a couple Z’s. While 8 hours is ideal, try to squeeze in 5 at the least.

Step 6. Eat. Contrary to popular belief, eating a hearty breakfast is not always the best option. For habitual breakfast-skippers, suddenly gorging yourselves in panic with a huge plate of eggs and bacon, though delicious, can upset your stomachs. Thus, as a general rule, get something in your tummy, but not much more than you’re used to.

Step 7. Pray. It’s worth a shot. And there’s really nothing left to do.

Good luck!