The Manly Men of WHS

The Manly Men of WHS

Sam Pescatore, Business Manager

Many of our young men at WHS decided to participate in the manliest event of the year: No Shave November. What drives these young men to grow out their facial hair all month long? Is it the pride of being able to actually grow a beard? Or is it to annoy the anti-facial hair mothers and girlfriends of our community?

The origins of No Shave November root back to the late 90’s when men decided not to shave in order to raise awareness for prostate cancer and other male cancers. They called it “Movember,” yet many men nowadays aren’t even aware of why they’re not shaving. It has evolved from an awareness campaign to a bearded competition.

The pride of graduating from pubescent peach fuzz to grizzly man beard is a huge accomplishment for many upperclassmen, and even some underclassman. Boys relish in the fact that they can grow a beard; it’s a sense of accomplishment that girls can’t even begin to fathom. We have to sit here and wonder why on earth our adorable male classmates would choose to look like a homeless hillbilly for a full month; girls may never understand.

But boys will be boys and will continue to participate in No Shave November whether they did it for their manliest or just to follow the bearded herd, the world may never know. Now that it’s December I’m looking forward to seeing those now clean shaven faces around WHS.