Big Blue Suffers the Blues


Sabrina Abesamis, Opinion Editor

Wellington High School is suffering from an epidemic. Not cholera or swine flu, but something more insidious, one that threatens the very foundations of school and the rest of our lives: apathy. Despite SGA’s attempts to encourage more pep, the majority of the student body lacks a general sense of school spirit. With homecoming week upon us, it is important that we begin to embrace our school and make the most of our time, before it slips away.

            While many may be apathetic to our apathy, it really is an important issue. When stands in the football games are sparsely occupied, it not only discourages the team, quite frankly it can be embarrassing. Game attendance can have an unparalleled impact on our football team, which has been working extremely hard this year. SGA has even introduced new ways to get involved such as Wolv Packs and The Comfy Couch.

            With Dress Up Days already starting, it would be great if everyone participated. No one wants to look like a hippie alone, but when it is along with two thousand other kids, it can truly bring us together. Dressing up isn’t just fun, it can provide a unifying sense for a school. Rather than being seen as a just a place where we learn for a couple hours, school can also be a community, heck it could even be a place of fun.

            And these memories can last for years to come. Rather than look back at our high school days, when we are supposedly in our prime, and regret not making the most of it, let’s create some experiences and have some school pride. Curing our blues can be solved by cheering Big Blue.