Teachers Should Grade Parents


Photo credit: Jessica Small

Abbygail Reid, News Editor

Every year Florida students, schools and districts are graded based on their performances. Now, it is time to start rating parents. The bill HB 255, filed by the Florida state representative, Kelli Stargel, was proposed to do just that.

Stargel, a Republican who sits on several education legislative committees and a parent of five, said, “Parental involvement is key to children’s educational success.”

So far in the educational system there has been student, teacher and administration accountability. The only missing piece in the puzzle seems to be parent accountability.

Parents will be graded on four things. First, they will be judged on their response to requests for meetings or communication. Secondly, they will be judged on their child’s or children’s completion of homework and preparation for tests. The third analysis is on their children’s absentee and tardy rates. And lastly, they will be graded on their children’s “physical preparation for school,” which includes a good night sleep and appropriate meals. “Those four things are key to a good quality education,” Stargel said.

Parents will fall into three categories based on their performances. The scale ranges from “satisfactory” to “needs improvement” to “unsatisfactory”. This “grade” will be placed on the report card of their children. By the parent actually seeing the grade, they can know whether they are truly providing their children with the necessary conditions for a good education. Some parents might be doing what they think is the best for their children but by having someone evaluate their performance it will inform them ofwhat aspects they are lacking so they will know exactly where to try to improve.

The real world involves individuals being rewarded for their performances. In the work place a person who is working really hard and diligently would have a larger paycheck than the person that sits around and doesn’t try his hardest. In the same way, a parent who is doing a superior job with their children’s education would feel proud to get a grade of satisfactory on their child’s report card.

This bill was not intended to tell parents how to raise their kids but only to ensure that parents are actively involved in the education of their children.