Too Young To Worry

Samantha Pescatore, Business Manager

Children, teenagers, and even young adults are too young to worry about having the ideal healthy lifestyle. Kids shouldn’t have to worry about counting calories. Students should be out having the time of their lives, eating what they want, whenever they want.

Adults try to promote a healthy lifestyle because their bodies are more fragile than young adults and need to be taken better care of. Teenagers especially can handle various types of foods without having to face the repercussions. Their bodies are still growing and are capable of consuming unhealthy foods due to their faster metabolisms.

Though some would say it’s bad to be eating unhealthy foods, if you’re young with a good metabolism and get enough exercise from extracurricular activities, then there’s no need to worry. With the right amount of physical activity students should be free to make their own choices concerning food.

KidsHealth.Org writes that kids and young adults “should not diet.” Students are still growing and developing; they need all the extra calories and protein they can get.

Students shouldn’t worry about their weight and how to eat right. For example, if students are too concerned with what to eat, this could lead to over exercising and eating disorders. Worrying at a young age could psychologically cause problems for them even when they’re mature adults.

“If kids are naturally active, they shouldn’t have to worry about what they eat,” says Michelle Obama ( This is true for most students. Why add on extra stress to students’ daily lives when it’s unnecessary? Kids don’t need anything else to distract them from school, sports, friends and family.

Eating fast food, ice cream, and other junk food is not okay every day. But neither is eating vegetables, wheat, and other fat free, sugar free, calorie free foods. Their needs to be a balance, and food plans shouldn’t be written out for kids. They shouldn’t have to make these choices until they’re fully developed and have stopped growing.

When students get older they can start worrying about proportions and calories. But everyone has only one life to live; students shouldn’t spend their prime years concerned with being healthy and depriving themselves of experiencing the many different foods out there.