Healthy Habits Should Start Young


Jessica Small, Sports Editor


Adopting a healthy lifestyle in the teenage years is more imperative than any other time in an individual’s life. The body is experiencing many developmental changes, both physically and psychologically. Therefore, it becomes absolutely necessary for teenagers to live in a way that’s beneficial to their health. When the body becomes habituated to exercise and eating balanced meals, it is much easier to maintain that behavior later in life.

As the body ages, it becomes more difficult to train. Muscle is much more difficult to strengthen. Adjusting eating habits takes true willpower.

Healthy living isn’t just important for the future. It is additionally important for an individual’s current quality of life.

Exercise builds both stamina and strength. The muscle a teenager builds now will be much easier to regain and maintain in the future. Cells have memory. And the cells that make up muscle tissue remember how to work and strengthen.

Sweating from exercise also cleanses the body of toxins. This keeps skin clear and the body’s immune system function properly.

Eating poorly is a critical teenage problem. Many teens attempt to regulate weight by splurging on unhealthy fast food, rather than regular balanced meals. Teens tend to believe that their metabolisms are fast enough to conquer fast food.

Fast food is commonly prepared by unsanitary standards. The meat quality is low, sometimes the same as dog food. Sodium is high, which causes blood pressure problems.

The reasons as to why teenagers should attempt to eat healthy, natural foods are innumerable. Whole grains, fruits, and vegetables contain valuable fiber that keeps the stomach full and the brain focused. Fruits and vegetables also contain antioxidants that help the body function properly and fight off illness.

Research from theUniversityofCaliforniaatMercedfound that obesity in adolescents raises an individual’s risk of developing elevated systolic blood pressure which can cause heart disease and strokes.

Overall, a healthy teen lifestyle is more important than many think. “Health” isn’t characterized by purely staying active. It incorporates physical activity and eating habits that are beneficial to the individual.