French Honor Society Helps Soldiers

Stephanie Courtois, Editor in Chief


Just as always on the second Tuesday of the month, the French Honor Society held their meeting. The main topic of discussion was the drive for the Forgotten Soldiers Outreach. Although it is mandatory for all FHS members to donate to this cause, other students are more than welcome to participate as well. For a reasonable amount of items donated, Mrs. Baxter will sign off for two hours of community service. Originally, this drive was held once a year in the fall. The French Honor Society is holding this drive now for the first time in the spring. During the holiday time is when most people feel charitable and philanthropic. The shelves are stocked and volunteers are ready to serve. By the time spring rolls around, there are barely any toiletries or food to send to the soldiers that are fighting overseas. Just a few items are all it takes to make a difference.  Below is a list of items that benefit these troops. The FHS appreciates all who participate in this drive. The last day to bring in donations is April 10; items can be dropped off in Mrs. Baxter room 2-103.

Most Appreciated Items:




Dental Floss

Lip Balm

Slim Jims