SGA Goes Big and Green for St. Baldricks

Samantha Pescatore, Business Manager

SGA has been spending a majority of their class time figuring out ways to promote St. Baldricks. Presently, they are encouraging the students to wear green every Wednesday, and go around the courtyard during lunch to collect donations. They hope to set up activities in the courtyard on Wednesdays to get the message out about St. Baldricks.

“Right now were focusing more on getting students to donate and participate, but once we come break from spring break SGA will be super busy trying to coordinate everything,” Joe Wagner, junior, said.

SGA hopes to have many students participate in getting their heads shaved, donating money, donating to locks of love, or even just showing up to Pierson on March 30th to support the cause. St Baldricks raises tons of money every year, and WHS hope to add that influx of money by getting everyone involved!

“We are doing a fundraiser called “Teacher Dare” where the students have to raise a certain amount of money in order for the teacher to do a dare that will take place on Tuesday March 27th,” Jenna Baxter, senior, said.

The week of March 27-30 will be considered St. Baldricks week; were the teacher dares, door decorating contest, ultimate Frisbee contest, and other fun activities will be taking place. SGA will continue working to promote St. Baldricks and come up with fun ways for the students to participate.