FCCLA Introduces “Read to Me”

FCCLA Introduces

Stephanie Courtois, Editor in Chief

 FCCLA (Family Career and Community Leaders of America) started off the year with their next community service project called “Read to Me”.  Club members Sydney Sokolsky, Cesia Vanella, and Alexandria Webb contacted New Horizons Elementary and organized this event with the After-care Program.  In January they went to New Horizon Elementary Aftercare Program and participated in a round robin reading event with their Kindergarten group.  The young ones and our members really enjoyed the event.  Our member selected their favorite childhood books to read to the children.   Additional club members that participated in the event were: Kayla Mangaroo, Caroline Rane, Jessica Sanchez, Katherine Sanchez, Veerna Binjamin, and Brenda Betancourt.