Vet Club Raises Funds for Diabetic Young Adult

Jennifer Melgey, Staff Writer

On December 12, a chocolate Labrador named Penny paid a visit to a Vet Club meeting in Room 3-105.  Penny is Ashley Packard’s diabetic alert dog.  This is the same dog that the club has been working hard to fundraise for all year.

Ashley told the members about how Penny is literally saving her life everyday by alerting her when her blood sugar is abnormal.  During the visit, Penny even showed her prowess by alerting that her blood sugar was abnormal by barking loud enough for her to hear.  Penny was right; Ashley’s blood sugar was extremely low at the time.

This gave the club more drive to raise money for what is truly a wonderful cause.  On January 29, the club decided to try a yard sale in Royal Palm Beach.  They came away with a total of $1600.00, which is almost double what a yard sale normally raises.  Vet Club is not only helping animals but their owners too.