SGA Anti-Bullying Week

Samantha Pescatore, Buisness Manager

SGA is preparing to promote “Anti-bullying” week at our school on December 12-16 (as of now). The club is making purple awareness ribbons to pass out to students during that week. Also, they are trying to arrange for speakers to come in and talk to students about the seriousness of bullying.

SGA wants to come up with creative ways to get a different bullying point across each day. One day they’ll feature awareness on racism, another on discriminating based on religion, and other themes that will have an impact on the students.

Anti-Bullying week is important and will make a difference only if we can get the message across to students in a way that they’ll actually listen,” said junior Amber Radcliffe.

Many students look past bullying and have the mindset that if it doesn’t affect them; it doesn’t matter. Many students submit to the bullying passively and do not report the incidents they do see.

“I think most students will listen. Especially when we explain how serious of an issue it is and how dangerous bullying can be,” said sophomore Courtney Knoblauch.

SGA is trying to come up with activities to motivate students to get more involved and pay attention to bullying. One idea on the table is to design shirts describing students’ insecurities to show other students that everyone has flaws but there’s no reason to bully anyone for it. Anti-Bullying week will hopefully show Wellington High the dangers of bullying and just how hurtful it can be.