French Honor Society Kicks Off the Holidays

Stephanie Courtois, Editor in Chief

As the winter season approaches, the French Honor Society prepares for its second annual holiday meeting to be held on December 13.

Christmas tunes will play with a French melody as the members make a traditional Yule Log dessert also known as the Buche de Noel. Mrs. Baxter, FHS sponsor, prepares for this event by personally baking the sheet layer cake, and bringing in the chocolate frosting, decorative ornaments and the powdered sugar.

Originally, Christmas and the winter solstice were celebrated by burning a wooden log in the hearth. An innovative pastry chef came up with the idea of turning the tradition of the Yule log into a log shaped cake. This transition was one that many were quite content with.

It was delicious treat for all who attended. With even more members hopefully planning to make reservations to come, the holiday spirit will be kicked off with a wonderful and merry experience.