Tuning into Talent Unplugged

Jackie Jerkins

Jackie Jerkins, Literary & Copy Editor

The Literary Magazine class of 2011-2012 will continue the ringing in of the school year with the much-anticipated Talent Unplugged, a classic among the production crowd favorites. Brimming with good cheer, the December 9th show in the Wellington High School Theater will pack a festive punch, celebrating the school’s sizeable flair for entertainment.

“It’s a much bigger and more professional setting for performers. There’s a higher standard and higher quality expected of them,” says producer Hannah Creech, senior. “The thing that makes Talent Unplugged so special is that students aren’t restricted to original works. They’re allowed to express their own interpretation of someone else’s, and it’s a fantastic way to get people excited about the arts.”

Auditions will commence on November 15th and 16th, providing a surefire lineup for a vivacious finale to an accomplished semester.