Vet Club Barks Up the Right Tree

Jennifer Melgey, Staff Writer

A special thing is happening in Room 3-105.  Vet Club is helping animals and who would’ve guessed that the animals are helping people in return.  On October 19th, Wellington Community High School is having its annual carnival, and it means more to Vet Club than just that.  Helping a woman named Ashley Packard, in what they call Pennies 4 Penny Fundraiser, who has life threatening diabetes, is on agenda for this club.  She needs a $17,000 diabetes alert dog that can, by the smell of her skin, alert her when her blood sugar is abnormal.  Medical insurance does not cover these types of specialized dogs used for health care purposes, so Vet Club is taking it upon itself to help out.  They’ll be working hard, all year, to make sure Ashley gets the dog that she really needs, starting by selling carnival tickets for $1.00 a piece.