Fall Lights Illuminates Autumn

Jackie Jerkins, Copy Editor

At 7 p.m. on October 12, the Literary Magazine class will introduce the production of Fall Lights, a show only the second of its kind since the success of last school year’s inaugural Spring Lights. Fall Lights aims to be a more intimate school production, hosted in the back patio of Mr. Zucker’s Room 4-105, where the audience will make themselves cozy at tables beneath a charming décor of tasteful lights.

When asked the purpose of Fall Lights, producer Sara Fabben replied, “We’re trying to introduce the Literary Magazine class of 2011-2012 by putting on a small show to pique interest toward our larger shows.”

Attendees are certainly in for an incredible night. True to its name, Fall Lights will bring with it the crisp spirit of autumn and will impart—rather than the standard roles of performer and audience—the element of close evening company.