This Game is a Smashing Good Time

With Nintendo releasing its fourth iteration of the smash bros series, it certainly has a lot to live up to. Between Smash Bros 64 being a loved classic, Super Smash Bros melee having a huge competitive following still ten years after its release, and Super Smash Bros Brawl receiving a heavy amount of criticism for the way it was changed, Smash 4 for the 3DS had many fans worried if it would live up to standards or be another downfall for the series. Smash 4 managed to not only meet the expectations of many, but it even surpassed what many hoped it would be.

Smash Bros is typically a console title, and with Smash 4 for the 3DS, this is the first time smash bros came to a portable, handheld system. This allows friends to smash on the go and bring along a handheld console rather than carry around a console and a set of wires. Many have complimented Nintendo’s idea to bring one of their most popular titles to the handheld realm.

“I love that I can pick up my 3DS and play Smash Bros in any room or really any time I want to. I don’t have to worry about setting up a console or setting anything up, I can just grab my 3ds and go,” Kaitlin Paul- Hus, senior, said.

With a hefty 49 characters and plenty of customization options, smash players are thrilled at the countless roster options and combinations to choose from. Nintendo has also improved their online mode, boasting the ability to play against friends or strangers, in modes either for fun or for the more competitive players, for glory. Paired with sets of minigames, classic and all-star adventure mode, and a 3ds exclusive smash run mode, players have more than enough content to keep them occupied.

“I’ve never had so much to do in a Smash Bros game. I can’t seem to put the game down because there is just so much content for me to play,” Aaron Doss, senior, said.

Smash 4 for the 3DS really does live up to the hype Nintendo advertised. With solid online features, a change in mechanics that allows for both fast and fun game play, and the ease of portability that the 3DS brings, fans of the series are having a blast with the newest iteration to the Smash Bros series.