Mask fashion? Only in 2020!

Mattingly Sullivan, Arts and entertainment editor

Boston Herald

Never did we ever think we would hear the words “mask fashion”, but in 2020, anything is possible. Ever since Covid-19 came here to the US, people have been wearing masks, and making a statement with them!


Even celebrities on the red carpet have been wearing masks to match their outfits, Billie Eilish was caught wearing a Gucci mask to match her Gucci jumpsuit at the Grammys, talk about mask fashion! 


At the 2020 VMAs Lady Gaga rocked some insane masks. She wore a mask that lit up, a mask with thorns, and a pink mask with pieces going over her eyes and it even had ventilation on the mouth. With each crazy outfit, came a crazy and creative mask to keep her and everyone around her safe! 


Kim Kardashian even released her own mask line, with cute and comfortable masks to keep you safe. Her line is called Skims and it includes neutral colored masks with stretchy material. You can purchase one of these masks for $8 on their website.


Michael Ngo, a LA designer who works with the biggest names in LA also released his own mask line with some fun designs, and 100 percent of the proceeds are going to the Los Angeles food bank! Kim Kardashian and even Ariana Grande have been seen wearing these new fashionable masks by Michael Ngo.

Models strutting down the runway have even found a way to incorporate cute masks into the fashionable outfits they wear. Designers have had some fun and have had to be creative once Covid hit and masks were required, so they made some fun matching masks for the models to walk down the runway with. 


Wellington High School students must wear a mask on campus, and many students are getting creative with it. When asked how they feel about masks, 60% said that they don’t mind because it keeps them safe, 20% said I even make masks look good and it is now part of my look, and 20% said that they hate it. 


Masks are now a part of our outfits for who knows how long, so make the best of it! If you want to up your mask collection and make it into mask fashion you can shop at many different places including Amazon, Etsy, Old Navy, Forever 21, Lily Pulitzer, Publix, and many more places! Almost every store nowadays is selling masks. Stay safe while looking good!