José José, legendary Mexican singer, dies at age 71


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Xander Hernandez-Barrios, Staff Writer

José José, known as “El Príncepe de la Canción” (Prince of the Song), died on September 28th, in Miami, Florida.

José José was known for singing difficult songs with his powerful voice. His career took off in the 1960’s with the song “La Nave del Olvido” (“The Ship of the Forgotten”). Other of his well-known songs are “El Triste” (“The Sad Man”), and “Amar y Querer” (“Love and Want”). His powerful voice and elegant songs gained fans in other countries like Japan and Russia. 

In 2011, José José performed in the Latin Billboard Awards ceremony in Coral Gables. He was later diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2017, and in 2019, José José passed away. It is believed that he died due to complications with cancer, but the exact cause of his death is unknown. 

José José’s daughter, Sarit Sosa, announced his death on Saturday on live television. A feud broke out between José José’s children, over where José José should be buried, and who will inherit his estate. Sarita Sosa did not give any information to her siblings on where her father’s body lies according to José Joel, the son of José José from a previous marriage. José Joel accused Sarita of kidnapping their father after she prevented him from seeing his father.