Pet Sematary Review


Credit: Paramount Pictures

Ian Leonard, Arts & Entertainment Editor



The 2019 remake of the 1989 classic “Pet Sematary” Kevin Kölsch and Dennis Widmyer’s came to theaters Friday, April 5th along with negative reviews and criticism.

I believe that Kevin Kölsch and Dennis Widmyer spend too much time going for tension-building scenes showing creepy places and not enough development of the story that would have made the movie a lot better.

There were also some plot points in the movie that didn’t make much sense following the continuity and the overall lore of the story. Some scenes and plot points were just used for cheap jump scares and overall ruined the atmosphere and mystery of the story.

The acting was decent, considering it involved child actor Jeté Laurence who did a fair job and everyone else involved gave a good performance.

“In its attempt to breathe new life into the iconic title while respectfully paying homage to its legacy, the new iteration of ‘Pet Sematary’ over promises and under delivers.” -Katie Walsh

I would give “Pet Cemetery” a 3/10 seeming as how it wasn’t really a good movie story wise but was definitely better than the 1989 original and is worth the watch for some cheap thrills.