Artigras Festival 2019


Photo Credit: Cross Culture Coalition

Ian Leonard, Arts & Entertainment

The 34th annual ArtiGras festival was held over President’s Day Weekend and Wellington High School has won the Best of Show for the high school division two years in a row!

The three-day event was full of art in all media types and included fantastic sights, sounds and fun. Live music from all genres was played and incredible food was served during the event.

Congratulation to the following students for their award winning artwork presented at the event.

-9th grader Kassandra Diaz for Best of Show

-1st Place 12 grade level – Jessica Fonseca

-2nd Place 11 grade level – Allison Martinez

-2nd Place 10 grade level – Valentina Cash

Kassandra Diaz, winner of the Best of Show award, shocked everyone considering she’s only a freshman. “I honestly didn’t think I’d win…” said Kassandra. “…but I like to just submit artwork I’m proud of.”

All the art that was presented during the event, was made with the intent to celebrate multiple perspectives and that there are many ways to see and interpret the world.