Urban Stories Festival Takes on Downtown



Haley Hartner, News Editor

From January 26th to January 27th, the Howl at the Moon Urban Stories Festival held a storytelling event at Palm Beach Atlantic University, in downtown West Palm Beach.

The festival was free to the public and open to families, elders, and the youth.

Through the forms of story circles, spoken word, visual arts, and performing arts, participants were able to “share experiences and celebrate diversity,” all while hoping to promote literacy and strength in the community.

Activities included bike rides through Clematis, coffee house and poetry slams, musical performances, a jazz picnic, and other group events with the intention of celebrating the city of West Palm Beach and brainstorming how it can be better.

Parker Barry, a Wellington High School slam poet and Literary Magazine member, performed one of her poems during the first day of the event.

“It was nice being able to inspire a whole new generation of poets in the area through our performances,” she said. “The event did a great job of promoting our community’s wellbeing. They had lots of workshops on how to better the community, which the kids really got into.”

While the overall goal of the festival is believed to have been achieved through the many activities that took place, Barry also believes that if an event like this were to take place next year, it should be more centered around the youth.

“It would be better to devote more time to letting kids write and perform.”

The participants from WHS are eager to answer the questions of “what was, what is, and what could be” for West Palm Beach next year.