Wellington Fine Arts Academy Showcase Thrills Landings Middle


Photo by: Jessica Fonseca

Javier Sarache, Multimedia Editor

Wellington High School held it’s Fine Arts Academy showcase on Thursday, January 17th.

Wellington Landings’ 8th-grade students were invited to tour the Arts academies and see what we have to offer.

The showcase consisted of performances from our Wellington high dancers, musical and acting theater, twirlers, band, and captivating choir. The energy filled the entire theater from start to finish, as each performance was graced with applause until the stage was completely cleared.

This event was an opportunity for incoming freshmen to be exposed to different atmospheres and see what WHS has to offer that can capture their interest and make them want to be a part of a Wellington family.

“It was really welcoming because we got to see all the fine arts and what they have to offer,” said 8th grader, Victoria Hirsch. “All the kids put effort into what they’re doing.” 

Another student, Charles Kimberly added, “Everyone feels like they are a part of a family.”