Fall Lights 2018: Student-Produced Show Shines Spotlight on WHS Talent


Ian Leonard, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Literary Magazine had their first show of the year, Fall Lights, on Friday, October 12. The show was in Mr. Laubscher’s room, in room 4-105.

Fall Lights featured more than 20 acts including both poetry and music, and appealed to all different genres including rock music, pop, and varieties of spoken word.

“[It was] very liberating”, said senior Sophia Upshaw, a performer in the show and a member of the Literary Magazine at WHS, “being able to perform one of my pieces. Writing is very personal for me. The environment was welcoming and comforting.”

For some, in the show it wasn’t just performing but also to set up the event and help coordinate the entire thing. Sahar Barzroudi and Joseph Belzaguy, the two head coordinators of the event, put in a lot of work and effort into making the show as enjoyable as possible.

“Everyone collaborated really well,” Joseph said, “and it felt really good to let people express themselves in the show.”

Literary Magazine will be holding their next event, Talent Unplugged, in December, so make sure to check it out when the show comes around.

Naomi Moe

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