Chance Makes History

Chance Makes History

Brendan Boudreau, Staff Writer

      After winning big at the 2017 Grammy’s, Chicago native, Chance the Rapper, has launched himself into the big leagues as the most successful independent artist of all time.

     It all started with a high school suspension when he wrote, recorded and released his debut mixtape “Ten Day” (the length of the suspension) on online streaming websites. From then on, Chance has released two more mixtapes and a collaborative album, only furthering his takeover of the rap game, yet never making/asking a penny for his music. Influenced by gospel sounds and his hometown life, Chance has created a whole new form of rap music that is always positive and energetic.

      His latest release, a thirteen-song mixtape entitled “Coloring Book”, was a streaming only album that qualified him to be nominated for seven Grammy’s at this year’s past awards. Winning Best New Artist, Best Rap Album and Best Rap Song in his first year of eligibility, Chance has a Grammy-filled future ahead of him.

      Originally known as Chancellor Johnathon Bennett, Chance the Rapper is now producing music for Kanye West, touring the world, and always staying humble about it. His loyalty to his fans and the positive message he always sends out through music has created a movement that will affect the rap industry for years to come.