‘A Dog’s Purpose’ Animal Abuse Accusations

'A Dog's Purpose' Animal Abuse Accusations

Daniela Jaramillo, Press Release Editor

Audiences of the awe-worthy movie, A Dog’s Purpose, no longer have to feel appalled by enjoying the targeted movie. A full unedited version of the video debunks malicious accusations.


It is shocking how these accusations have surfaced, considering this movie promotes animal adoptions. TMZ leaked a video leading viewers to believe the pup protagonist was being drowned in a steaming stream, without help and being forced to redo scenes.


The full unedited version, however, is not misleading as is the other. The video shows a dog, at rehearsal, eager to jump in the water, ready to do the stunt. However, before the real take of the scene, the dog was ordered to jump from the right side of the pool, instead of the familiar, rehearsed left side. Videos from TMZ is misleading because the unedited version shows the dog taking the rest of the day off; the edited TMZ video twists the situation into looking like the German Shepard being forced into and drowning in the hot, steaming water. In reality, the dog was only in the water for four seconds, before the emergency diving team on staff reached the dog almost immediately.


One can feel at peace because in the unedited version Hercules bounced right back up after the incident, unfazed and ready to return to the start position, and it got the rest of the day off. However, this leads to the ethical question of if using animals as a show for human entertainment is okay.