Cosplay Craze

Newspaper Staff: Taylor Green, Erin Bryant, Jazmin Alvarez

Newspaper Staff: Taylor Green, Erin Bryant, Jazmin Alvarez

Jazmin Alvarez, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Research, plan, acquire, snip, sew, and repeat: A process used by cosplayers all over the world to live in the shoes and accessories of their beloved characters.

“I really like the whole concept of becoming your favorite character, especially when the whole time you’re watching the show you’re like, ‘omg, I AM her’”! Says senior Lauren Melton.

Although some may think cosplay is just an excuse for another Halloween celebration where one gets to pick a cool looking costume and hang out with friends, it is much more meaningful in the eyes of others a.k.a fanatics.

Cos playing is described to be the art of portraying and bringing to life a character that is adored and admired on the screen and/or books . It is an opportunity for an individual to not just throw something together that appears appealing and amusing to the human eye but to actually possess a different personality and uphold it.

“It’s a self confidence booster and that’s what really inspired me to actually start it (cosplay).” Says Senior Gabby Rose “You can be an evil character. You can be a good character. You can even be a background character. It doesn’t really matter what character you do as long as you get into the mindset of that character.”

Even though this hobby is enjoyable, it is also exceedingly time consuming, demanding hard work and effort. In fact, committed fanatics can take a week to months organizing their costumes to obtain the utmost perfection in every minuscule detail.

“First I get lots of reference for the character, find how many pieces there are, and what I need to make said pieces. Then I go to stores, collect what I need, bring it home, and sew it together!” exclaims Senior Lauren Melton

Nevertheless, the long winded labor does not divert fanatics from completing the task; in the end it pays off at convections such as magic city comic con.

Comic cons are thrilling and convivial for all ages. For cosplayers, it’s a dream come true. Throughout this event, the majority of all participants are dressed in their best creation. Character Costumes range from Dc comics to anime to memorable childhood games like super Mario.

Furthermore, January 15th through the 17th were the days many prepared and anxiously waited for. With Art as well as artifacts stocked up to the ceiling of fandom including Marvel, Doctor who, and Rocky Horror story. Here, cosplayers are allowed to meet the actors, writers, and creators of their treasured characters.

Consequently, Magic city comic con annually arranges professional cosplay guests who participate in panels, workshops, and help judge the various costume based contests. In panels, the professionals are asked questions about their experience and in return encourage and advise fellow cosplayers.

Cosplay competitions, which include performance and runway, are held in many conventions and celebrations. The cosplay competitons that are held at Magic city Comic cons were judged through the following: best in show, Con chair spotlight, best individual, 2nd place-individual, best group, 2nd place-group, best junior/youth, and judge opinionated awards.

Patience, time, and planning all contribute to the process of enabling creations to result in creating what one desires. However, cosplay can be one of the most beneficial activities available as it promotes socialization, liberalization, and gender defying.

Cosplay is not as elementary as others make it appear to be. This hobby requires concentration and in return will give a person the freedom they have always craved.