Creed Review

Creed Review

Taylor Green, Sports Edtior

On November 25, a 39-year old franchise released its last movie. Creed, the final edition of the Rocky series, has a 93% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and grossed 42.6 million dollars in its first weekend. Although it did not take number one in the box office, it did make the most money on its first night of any Rocky film.



Creed is the story of Adonis Johnson, Apollo Creed’s illegitimate son who was born shortly after he died, quitting his high-paying job and leaving his home to follow in his father’s footsteps. The way he sees it, the only way he can successfully do that is by recruiting Rocky Balboa as his trainer. Although Adonis will use the name Creed to win Rocky over, he wants to make it as a boxer on his own and keeps his name a secret saying that his dad was just “some fighter”.


A secret like that cannot stay under wraps though, and when the truth inevitably gets out he is rocketed to stardom. Even though he is just an amateur fighter who does not have a lot of experience, he must face some tough opponents and learn to balance a fighter’s lifestyle with his home life.


Overall, everyone loved this movie.


Variety, the weekly entertainment magazine, calls it, “a smart, kinetic, exhilaratingly well-crafted piece of mainstream filmmaking.”


Rolling Stone simply said, “We have a winner.”


Creed is a superb slice of entertainment, old fashioned in a classically way and yet refreshingly novel and new. Although technically it is a Rocky movie, it lacks the cheesy-yet-enjoyable “honor and glory above all else” theme that the rest of the films have.



It is not just inspiring and emotional, it also feels real. The dialogue and reactions to situations do not sound scripted. It is believably a true story containing real people who are responding to real-life problems.


I have been a fan of the Rocky series since I was very little, and I had high hopes for this movie. To put it lightly, I was not disappointed.


Watching Creed was a fantastic way to spend my Thanksgiving morning. I am grateful that they could rope the legendary Sylvester Stallone back in for one last film.