Jessica Jones Flies Into Netflix

Jessica Jones Flies Into Netflix

Jazmin Alvarez, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Ex-superhero Jessica Jones from the world of Marvel comics is joining a new family of Netflix television show.

On her way home from a family trip at Disneyland, her life took a drastic turn. Both her parents and brother were killed in the accident, however, Jessica absorbed the chemicals and slipped into a coma that lasted for several months. She emerged with powers of  limited invulnerability, super strength, and flight

Unfortunately, early on in her super career, she was abducted and held hostage by the sadistic Kilgrave, also known as the Purple Man. He had the power of mind control.

She escaped and retired from the life of a super hero. She began a career as a detective, founding Alias Investigations.

In the show, Kilgrave returns.

“I like that it’s more of her fighting one super-criminal rather than her fighting normal criminals. I’m curious to find out exactly what all her powers are, what can she really do, and what this guy [Kilgrave] wants,” junior, Carli Tauiden, said.

Netflix has already released various trailers for the upcoming TV show revealing her powers, attitude, and past. These trailers portray the tale as a psychological thriller rather than a typical comic book adventure.

Another exciting aspect of this new arrival is how she will be incorporate other heroes into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Last year, Daredevil wrenched the hearts of many nerds. Jessica Jones is also set in Hell’s Kitchen and it incorporates Luke Cage (Power Man). It functions to set up a continuation through other shows centered around the superhero crew, The Defenders.

The show employs fan favorites such as David Tenant, notable for his performance as the Tenth Doctor on Doctor Who, who will be playing Kilgrave, and Krysten Ritter, of Breaking Bad fame, who will be playing Jessica.

The new show hits the scene November 20th. The entire first season will be released and ready to binge.