Twilight Twin Hits the Scene

Twilight Twin Hits the Scene

Elizabeth Deuschle, Staff Writer

Stephanie Meyer has done it again. She has stolen the hearts of teenagers and moms everywhere with her new book, Life and Death. So what romantic tale did the famous author have in store for hardcore Twilight fans? This Amazon best seller is none other than another Twilight book, except this time the gender roles are switched.

Meyer has released almost an exact copy of Twilight, but in this version Bella is named Beau and Edward is called Edyth. To be fair, Meyer has said herself in many interviews that this should not be considered a book, merely extra pages to enjoy; however that does not mean she will not be gaining tons of money off of this spin-off.

This ‘book’ came out as a complete surprise to even most obsessed Twilight fans. Two years ago, Meyer had claimed she was simply done with the Twilight series. Yet, for the 10th anniversary of the original book, Meyer sang a different tune.

She claimed to many reporters this new version would be exactly like the old one; some have even called her out on her mimicking wording and phrasing. However, many have debated that the character Beau is a lot different than Bella, especially since he has almost no self-esteem related issue.

There two sides are debating whether or not Meyer released a world-changing, feminist novel, or just another gender-enforcing piece. People have paraded across the internet the distinct and conforming stereotypes that seem to be placed upon these characters, no matter how much Meyer claims against this.

“Even if the book is like the other, Meyers is a wonderful author who should be appreciated,” Ashely Planco, junior, said.