A New Season for TV


Danielle Boyd, Staff Writer

The season for new shows and new seasons is here.

One of the most popular shows on TV right now is Scream Queens. It is a new horror/comedy show on Fox, starring Emma Roberts, and other favorites such as Lea Michele and Keke Palmer. Since it aired on September 22nd, it has become a hit. The show revolves around on a red devil that emerges and targets the Kappa Kappa sorority.

Empire aired its second season on September 23rd, closely following the first season since it was such a big hit. Another Fox network drama, the show centers on a hip hop music company, Empire Entertainment, and the troubles among the family of the founders.

Even as high school students, Disney channel has a certain appeal. K.C. Undercover, starring Zendaya, is a new show about a girl who discovers her parents are spies. Girl Meets World is a sequel to the old ABC family TV show Boy Meets World. It follows Corey and Topanga’s daughter Maya and her best friend as they go through high school, who are played by Sabrina Carpenter and Rowan Blanchard.

The popular show Grey’s Anatomy is entering its twelfth season. Some people may have gotten. tired of it saying it’s gone on for too long but diehard fans disagreed.

“I will love it forever. I will never get tired of the show; there are too many twists and turns,” Sierra Reyes, freshman, said.

The new season aired on September 24th starting with Meredith mourning the loss of her husband Derek and then her having to face the doctor that killed him.

Enjoy this fresh, new time for television and check out one of these smashing shows!