Morikami Museum Review


Emilie Sall, Press Release Editor

Can you imagine the a real life version of the garden in Disney’s Mulan?


The Morakami Museum and Japanese Garden offers a chance to experience the authenticity and beauty that comes with Japan’s culture.


It is the perfect place to be on a nice seventy-degree South Florida day.


A stroll through the gardens can lead to a lunch of fresh, delicious sushi.


“I went with my friends to Morakami over summer vacation. We liked the gardens and the openness of it. One of my friends likes photography, and he loved taking pictures of all the cool flowers,” Marcos Munoz, senior, said.


Established in 1977, Morakami has aimed to inspire, educate and entertain its guests. The Yamato-Kan is the original museum building, which was modeled after Japanese villas.


Its open air courtyard is surrounded by a dry garden of small rocks and pebbles.


The principle museum building is an unparalleled example of beauty in architecture. It was inspired by traditional buildings. With three different galleries, a theater, an authentic tea house, class rooms, library, and lakeside view from the Cornell Cafe, there is no better place to experience the magnificence of Japan’s history.


“I’ve never been to Morakami, but I’m dying to go. The flowers look beautiful!” Olivia Vick, freshman, said.


The gardens of Morakami leave everyone in awe and astonishment. The 216 acres of sprawling nature reflect periods, from the eighth up until the twentieth century, of Japanese garden design.


With its tranquil setting, the gardens seamlessly flow together and express the prized value of harmony.


Moreover, The Yamato-Kan offers information about the history of the Yamato Colony, as well as an interactive exhibit called, ‘Japan Through The Eyes Of A Child,’ which gives visitors a firsthand look at the culture and customs in the beautiful country.


The unique and rich culture of Japan is flawlessly displayed through Morakami Museum and Japenese Gardens. Located in nearby Delray Beach, all Wellington High School students should make a point to go and experience all the center has to offer.