Taylor Swift: Queen of 2015



Savannah Edwards, Staff Writer

Everyone knows who Taylor Swift is; she is a social icon. From her curly-haired, sparkly dress days to the edgy, show-stopping look we see today, she has been a role model for years.

Taylor Swift has been able to dodge all sorts of bullets that the media has thrown at most celebrities. She always quiets the rumors and negativity, even if it takes writing a song.

Taylor Swift is known for writing many, many heartbreak songs, which may or may not contain the name of the heartbreaker (yikes).

Yet, recently, Taylor Swift has embraced what people have said about her. In her most recent album, 1989, Swift has taken a different approach than she did in her earlier years.

One of her singles, ‘Blank Space,’ shows her completely accommodating and accepting the way that the public views her.

On a plethora of talk shows and in many magazines, Swift is always portrayed as that sad, dejected girl who can’t stop going through boyfriends, but she has transcended the labels and even profited from them.

“Taylor Swift has gone from the sweet, country singer that the media forced her to be turned into an edgy young woman that can stand on her own in the music industry,” Stacy Kappel, senior, said. “The media criticizes her unfairly for making money off of relationship songs and turning rough situations into positive ones.”

In addition to being a totally rule breaker, Taylor also is very involved with her fans, unlike most celebrities.

She has even written a song (‘Ronan’) about a very young fan who was close to the end of his life.

Being rooted in her fan base shows how she has true dedication and love for what she does.

”She has always seemed to be a fun loving gal, even more so now. Going from country to pop, she has managed to keep her feet on the ground and head out of the clouds despite disapproval.” Joshua McGovern, senior, said. “I may not be a fan, but I tip my hat to her for keeping her head on straight.”

Taylor Swift, T-Swizzle, is a true icon and the new queen of the world.