Movies to Anticipate This Fall


Elana Marcus, Opinion Editor

Autumn is upon us, and with it comes an abundance of new films to go see.  This fall season has movie-goers and critics excited for pictures of all genres, from star-studded horror comedies to the thought-provoking indie flicks, and, of course, the much anticipated addition to a major blockbuster franchise.


Pawn Sacrifice – Release Date: September 16th

This independent film is set during the Cold War, however it focuses on a theme not commonly associated with the Cold War; chess.  Based on a true story, renowned chess player Bobby Fischer (Tobey Maguire) struggles psychologically as he seeks to beat the Soviets at chess.


Cooties – Release Date: September 18th

Cooties is a horror comedy film starring Elijah Wood, Rainn Wilson, and Alison Pill. They play teachers at an elementary school where the students have been infected by the cafeteria’s chicken nuggets, turning them into zombies.  Those who are fans of the horror genre, and those who just want a good laugh, are sure to enjoy watching these teachers as they fend for their lives.


Everest – Release Date: September 18th

This film takes us on the journey of several climbers who are attempting to climb, as the title suggests, Mount Everest.  When a brutal storm hits, this already difficult climb turns into a fight for survival.  Critics praise the film for its cinematography, which is sure to have the audience on the edge of their seats.


Experimenter – Release Date: October 16th

This drama is based on the controversial experiments conducted by Stanley Milgram at Yale University in 1961.  The experiments tested people’s loyalty as they were asked to send electric shocks to a subject (Jim Gaffigan) who was in a separate room.  The results are horrifyingly shocking, and the performances of Peter Sarsgaard as Milgram and comedian Jim Gaffigan are something to await.


Rock the Kasbah – Release Date: October 23rd

Any Bill Murray fans in the house?  This comedy film stars Murray as a music manager who is in Afghanistan to support his client who is touring there.  While there, he encounters a talented teenage girl who he feels has the potential to be a star, so he enters her in the popular music competition, “Afghan Star.”  This film looks to be a charming comedy with an interesting story and characters.


The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 – Release Date: November 20th

The final installment of the much loved Hunger Games franchise is something fans of the books and films will feel bittersweet towards.  Those who have read the books will be eager to see how the ending to the film compares to that of the books, and those who have only seen the movies should hopefully be in for an exciting movie-going experience with surprises at every turn.