Top 3 Worst Superheroes Ever

Jazmin Alvarez, Arts and Entertainment Editor

DC Comics is one of the most popular comic companies in America, but the company needs to rethink some of their superheroes.



This particular Kryptonian has become one of the most well-known heroes of all time, however, no one can deny that the character is horribly flawed as his disguise and the amount of power he has is insane.

The writers of Superman enable him to fool his fellow co-workers by giving him a pair of thick, snazzy spectacles. Science simply says no; unless everyone has a bad case of prosopagnosia (face blindness), they should be able to recognize Clark Kent soaring around in a cape.

Not only is his disguise meaningless, but his overwhelming amount of power bores readers in time.

Humans are attracted to conflict and, unfortunately, Superman does not deliver for he is too powerful to be defeated unless it were with his one lethal weakness Kryptonite.

The hero’s greatest enemies will be brought to justice before people even realize Superman has been writing articles in their local newspaper.



Aquaman, also known as Poseidon’s biggest fan, possesses powers that are rendered useless at the surface, which is where most crime occurs.

Although being able to communicate with aquatic creatures is a cool trick, it should not qualify him to earn the title of hero.

DC Comics recognized he was a mistake and decided to create Aqualad as an upgrade. He posses the same powers of the king, along with the power to wield bio-electric energy blasts and hydro-swords, which can be used on the surface.

Despite Aqualad being clearly more noteworthy than the King of the Seven Seas, he was assigned to be Aquaman’s sidekick.


Arm Fall Off Boy

If trouble is near, this hero will be willing to lend a hand.

Arm-Fall-Off-Boy’s sole power is the ability to detach his limbs from his body and use them as clubs.

As expected, this so-called hero does not make many appearances. He is considered so senseless that he was rejected by the Legion after he tried out.

Out of all the superheroes made by DC, this character holds the title of , ‘Most Shameful.’