The Mysteries of Movie Remakes

The Mysteries of Movie Remakes

Noah Fouts, Staff Writer

In this day of age movies are not always as original as they were in the past. Most of the major hits that sneaked there way into the box office were remakes of movies from the past such as Ninja Turtles, Batman, and Frankenstein.

The film industry is greedy, always wanting as much as possible, which is the reason studios are releasing remakes.

Remakes are being made for two different audiences; those who saw the original, and those who are seeing the movie for the first time.

When there are two groups instead of one, it probably means the movie will make more money than others with just one. The two groups they pull in are adults and children, because the adults want to go to see the old movie with the effects added on from today’s industry while the kids love to go see movies jacked up with action.

The film industry doesn’t just pick any movie to remake. The most important thing they look for is the popularity of the movie when it was originally in theaters. Also, the most popular storybook classics like Frankenstein are remade over and over again, which can be expected. Timing comes into play because the movie will do better when there is more of a gap between the original and remake. This insures an adult audience because most of them won’t remember the movie, while the new generation of kids will be eager to enjoy it for the first time.

There are numerous criticisms over remakes of movies. People think the film industry is lazy and not as creative as they used to be, trying to make as much money as possible with the lack of quality work. In movies the amount of work put in is very easy to see and often times in remakes, the good to bad ratio is 50/50 in my personal opinion. However, viewers still go because it’s a remake from a movie that was one of the best back in its day.

Remade movies are given the spotlight because of their old and fantastic storyline, but not all are able to meet up to the original’s reputation.