‘Home’ is all Heart


Gabrielle Harris, Editor-in-Chief

The movie Home, released on March 27th 2015, finds itself being yet another work of DreamWorks’ magic. Home made over $54 million on its opening weekend and has now grossed over $102.2 million worldwide.


This unique film, starring Rihanna (who voices Gratuity ‘Tip’ Tucci) and Jim Parsons (who voices Oh, the alien), was said to help little girls feel more empowered no matter their race, shape, or color. Rihanna, who played the main character of Tip, wanted her character to be as close to her as possible. Tip is the third female protagonist that DreamWorks has produced. Tip is a young black female from Barbados, which relates to Rihanna. Home starring Tip, the young black female, unlike the normal use of  a white male hero movies usually stick with. The main character of Tip is extremely relatable to young girls. During the movie we see her being teased for her intelligence and having the perfect balance of sassy and sweet; Tip has people crowding into theaters. Viewers can relate to Tip’s body shape and the texture of her hair, which is a large bundle of curls. DreamWorks made history with making the protagonist of the film being a young black female heroine. This is the first animated 3D film to have a POC girl  as the main heroine, truly making history.

The film honors representation for the black community. A report in 2014 showed  that only 8% of films had starred the protagonist being of color and that there were no women of color being the protagonist heroine. Home is much more important than just being another cartoon movie with a comical plot. Although the plot may be stereotypical to some, the real reason behind all of the commotion is the black female lead. Disney’s Princess & the Frog only represented the black female as the lead when she wasn’t embodied as a frog for the major entirety of the film. Multiple movies that star people of color being the protagonist unfortunately have that character transform into some kind of animal such as Emperor’s New Groove and Brother Bear and each character only was the true self for under twenty three minutes.


Home has truly hit home with it starring a black female lead and the hilarity behind Jim Parsons. Jim Parsons illustrated his nerdiness, like on the Big Bang Theory,  even behind the alien character that he was. Oh stood as a social outcast in the film, not liked by the rest of the “Boov” or aliens in Home and although an alien was a great representation of people that are unique and different. Oh and Tip made a great duo, both not accepted by the “in” crowd and decided to make their own.  Not only has the film hit high numbers in the box office but it has also made groundbreaking history in cinematography.