Sunfest 2015

Sunfest 2015

Mya Mandell, Entertainment Editor

Starting April 29th and running through May 3rd, a yearly music festival takes place along the waterfront of downtown West Palm Beach. The festival showcases many amazing talented bands and singers.
Sunfest this year is 5 days long, has 3 stages and is including over 50 bands.

People can purchase their tickets in advance from being offered many options. A one day pass at the cost of 32 dollars, a two day pass cost 50 dollars and a limited time offer of a five day pass costs 60 dollars; all these purchases can be made in advance online or at your local Publix.
Many bands and individual acts will perform. They include Fall out Boy, Paramore, Kaskade, SchoolBoy Q, 311, Awolnation. And it seems that Sunfest is bringing back some older artists such as Lenny Kravitz and Stone Temple Pilots.

“I’m most excited to see Lenny Kravitz because he is a classic artist for me and I’ve never seen him live,” Sam Wortman, Junior, said.
The event also has many artists, painters and sculptures that display their own art to be purchased by the ongoers of Sunfest. Food venders can be found throughout the event, but for pretty expensive prices, so make sure to eat before.

Last year the weather was not up to par and rained for most of day two and three, so maybe pack an extra clothes for the day or bring an umbrella to protect yourself from the South Floridian bipolar weather. Sunfest offers a lot more than what as the attenders see on a daily basis. Most people just look at the event as a place to hangout with friends or party and take a break from their daily life’s but in all actuality Sunfest does a lot more to help out the community.

Sunfest also through out the entire year holds a special program called Sunfest 365. SunFest 365 serves the community year-round.
The mission is to reach out to the community with projects that promote or enhance culture and the arts, youth education, assistance for other nonprofit organizations and the environment.

“ I love that Sunfest does this for the community it shows they care more about just the music.” Cheyenne Morgan, Sophomore.
As a nonprofit organization itself, SunFest’s financial goal is to break even each year. If any proceeds are realized, the money goes toward improvements for the following year’s festival to make it better and more people friendly.

Over the past few years Sunfest has also offered scholarships to students for their art or musical talents. They’ve given away over 40,000 dollars to students.
Overall Sunfest is much more than just a music festival and is something looked forward too each year by many Floridians.