Books Banned In Schools


Mya Mandell, Entertainment Editor

In many schools, more and more books are becoming banned as a result of censorship. Books are banned for religious, political, or moral reasons.
Most schools that are banning books tend to be religious schools or schools with stricter morals or influenced by conservative communities.

A large list of banned books can be found online and include classics such as Animal Farm, A Brave New World, The Grapes of Wrath, Harry Potter and any religious text, and many, many more.

Over 97 different books are restricted from schools around the United States. Many of these books have framed American culture left an important mark on its citizens and left a profound effect on American life.

The school board decides on these restrictions and parents or students have no say in what should be allowed to be read.
Some of the words used to describe some of these books have been unacceptable,” “obscene,” “blasphemous,” “negative,” “foul,” “filthy,” and “undermines morality.”

Classic novels such as, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and How to Kill a Mockingbird were banned due to their many racist slurs and marks against others such as the word “nigger.” The Catcher in The Rye is banned because of its references to prostitution and depression. The Lord of Flies is not allowed because of its references to sexuality.

Some people agree that all of these situations take place in real life everyday; schools shouldn’t hide true life from their students.

“ I hate that some books are banned in schools, it isn’t fair for the school board to control what we read.” George Lacosta, sophomore, said.
On discussing the term banned, it means teachers are no longer allowed to assign certain books for projects or reading lessons because of their ‘wrong’ topics.