Emily Brooke: Idol Star


Adrianna Castro, Staff Writer

Wellington High Wolverine, Emily Brooke brought something new to the stage as she ventured to Nashville to audition for American Idol 2015. This is a journey that few people get to experience.

“The idea all came about when I watched an episode of American Idol, and at the end of the episode Ryan Seacrest pointed to the camera and said, “This could be you. Go to our website, and sign up for auditions.” “I felt he was speaking right to me,” Emily said.

Emily has been singing for 6 years. She performs in gigs, also known as small shows, to gain recognition.

“Gigs play a huge role, because they make me more comfortable singing in front of people. At first I was nervous to sing in front of big crowds, but now it is second nature to me.”

Although the bright lights and big stage can be frightening, Emily was not intimidated.

“When I walked through the door for auditions, the judges looked fake. They looked so made up and perfect. I couldn’t believe that I was actually auditioning for American Idol. The way I felt was indescribable.”

Long hours practicing, dedication, and determination is what drove Emily to be where she is today. Her parents standing by her through her journey has helped Emily achieve her goals.

“Nothing is better than some love and support.” she said, referring to her parents’ encouragement.

After waiting anxiously for many hours, it was finally Emily’s turn to show off her talent to not only the judges, but to the millions of people watching.

“I took a deep breath and gave it my all,” Emily said

After a “yes” from all three judges, Emily received the golden ticket.

“Holding the ticket in my hand was really awesome. I’ve seen it on television for so many years, but to actually have it in my palms was breath taking,” Emily said.

The journey for Emily has just begun and is far from over. Wellington High School wishes Emily the best of luck as she continues to make her dream a reality. Stay tuned to American Idol to see what happens next for our own Emily Brooke.